Which Insurance Plans can Students Benefit From?

Which Insurance Plans can Students Benefit From?

There’s a lot going on in the life of most students. Those that are reaching their mid to late teens are getting ready to graduate and move off on their own for the first time, whether it’s to go to college or get a job. This means that insurance is probably the last thing on their minds, but it shouldn’t be!

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Here are some helpful insurance plans for students that will benefit them immensely:

  • Car insurance – The teenage population represents the highest risk demographic, which means that teenage drivers usually pay a much higher premium. It’s usually cheaper for them to be on a family policy, but they can also lower their premiums by purchasing a car known for its safety record and by taking driving safety classes.
  • Home insurance – While most students don’t own property, they do end up living in dorms or in apartments after they graduate high school. To make sure that all of their possessions are protected, they should strongly consider renter’s insurance. If they live on campus, they can get a separate endorsement on their family’s policy.
  • Health insurance – While most students are covered by family health plans, most colleges also have on-campus clinics that provide supplemental insurance.
  • Life insurance – You should consider life insurance to ensure your kids will get through college even if something happens to you.

These are a few insurance plans for students to consider. Contact us at CCW Insurance  today for more insurance tips.