What Covers Damage from a Falling Tree?

What Covers Damage from a Falling Tree?

What covers damage from a falling tree? Seems like a simple question. We hear it so often we wanted to clarify.Falling Tree Damage

A falling tree can cause a large amount of damage, especially if it falls directly onto your home or vehicle. It’s especially confusing when the tree isn’t on your property. What if the tree is on the property of your neighbor, and something causes it to fall onto your property, thereby causing your car or home damage? The confusion often lies in the "who is responsible?" This damage will be paid for by your homeowners insurance, not your neighbors. This means that you’ll have to file a claim with your insurance company, and you’ll have to pay the deductible as well.

There are a few exceptions. For example, if the tree that fell from your neighbor’s property was in danger of falling due to rot or some other cause and the neighbor refused to remove it even when you asked, then the neighbor could be responsible. Of course, you’ll need some proof that you asked this. As far as trees that damage your property that fell from your property, if it was due to wind, a storm or lightning, your homeowners insurance policy will usually cover it.

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