Wedding Insurance: Protection for the Biggest Day of Your Life

Wedding Insurance: Protection for the Biggest Day of Your Life

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Congratulations! You're getting married!! Odds are you’ve been planning the event down to the very last detail so that nothing goes wrong. Along with the flowers, the video, and the rings, you should consider purchasing wedding insurance. You may not have to worry about the groom or bride running away (hopefully!), but you still have to be prepared for anything that can go wrong – and weddings are expensive as it is, so you might as well be financially protected.

There are all kinds of unforeseen accidents that can happen during a wedding. The groom’s tuxedo could get lost at the airport and he has to buy a new one. You have to hire a last minute limo driver because your original driver didn’t show up. Or the location where the reception was planned closed down, meaning you have to find another spot only weeks before the wedding. These can amount to huge financial losses if you’re not covered by wedding insurance.

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Wedding insurance can help cover these costs as well as those of a postponement, including the costs of the catering, clothing, invites, floral designers, musicians and any additional non-refundable deposits that were made. In addition to a basic insurance policy which will cover many of these non-refundable deposits, you’ll also want general liability insurance in case anyone is injured during the ceremony.

As you can see, it’s well worth the money to purchase wedding insurance.


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