Summer Safety Tips for Parents with Teen Drivers

Summer Safety Tips for Parents with Teen Drivers

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Keep these tips in mind before handing your teen driver the car keys

Is there anything as scary as the thought of a teenage driver? Yes! The thought of your own teenage driver. There's a fine line between holding our children close to keep them safe and letting them go so they can learn their own life lessons.

The following summer safety tips for teen drivers can help you begin a conversation with your teens about how important it is that they drive safely-- for their sake as well as others'.

  1. Cell phones need to be off. Period. Not on vibrate. Not on silent. Not even with wireless technology. The idea of hands-free devices being safer was nice in theory. Unfortunately, studies aren't showing a whole lot of difference in accident rates between those who use hands-free technology and those who don't. Driving while using a cell phone is the equivalent of driving while drunk - it's a serious safety risk. Talk to your insurance agent about the technology available to block cell phone signals while driving.
  2. Watch the speed limit. Almost half of all teenage driving accidents are the result of speeding. Stress the importance of respecting the speed limit.
  3. Headlights on 24/7. Whether it's day or night, the headlights should be on. This increases other drivers' ability to see your teen's vehicle.
  4. Drive alone. Passengers are a distraction, and the more that are in your teen's car, the greater his/her risk of an accident.

Also, remember that safe driving records keep your auto insurance premiums down. Contact CCW to learn more about insuring a teen driver.