See the Future of Auto Accident Claims Reporting

See the Future of Auto Accident Claims Reporting

auto accident claimsIf you've kept up with the changes in the car industry even slightly, then you’ll have noticed how new technology surfaces every year, resulting in the drastic evolution of car manufacturing. However, technology isn't just affecting what types of features cars now come with; it’s also affecting how auto accident claims are made.

Making auto accident claims used to be a long and laborious process, from having to jot down the information of everyone involved in the accident to having to go to your insurance agent to fill out all the necessary paperwork to then having to wait until your claim was approved. This looks to change in the near future.

Think about all of the communication tools that new cars contain: most new cars now come with a GPS system that updates in real time, providing you with information about traffic up ahead. You can also notify emergency authorities with information about an accident, including details about the vehicles involved, the location and how the occupants are. Using technology provided by the car, you can get your claim ready automatically by creating an FNOL for insurance companies, create an impact cinema graphic, assess the vehicle damage and more, all before the vehicle is even removed from the scene.

Many car manufacturers are developing relationships with insurance companies to make the auto accident claims process more accurate and efficient. For more information about auto accident claims and our auto insurance options, please contact us at CCW Insurance today.

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