Renter’s Insurance: It Helps Protect You and Your Belongings!

Renter’s Insurance: It Helps Protect You and Your Stuff!

Renters need insurance too! Protect your belongings with Renter's Insurance. You may not think that you need insurance on your apartment, since you do not own it, but in most situations, the property management company will not be held liable for damage to your possessions.

Renters insurance works much the same way Homeowners insurance does…except it’s tailored to renters (thus the name).  When you rent, you might think that the Landlord’s insurance covers you and your stuff too. But that is NOT the case! Your Landlord’s insurance is only there to cover them and their property…not yours.

Why Renters Insurance? Your landlord may require you to carry renters insurance, but there are several reasons we recommend purchasing a policy even if it is not required:

1. Protection for Your Possessions. Including your furniture, clothing, jewelry, and electronics— whether your items are in or away from your home. Did you know… renter’s insurance can cover items stolen from your car? That sure brings peace of mind while doing your Christmas shopping!

2. Loss of Property Caused by:

  • Fire, lightning, wind or hail
  • Smoke damage, theft
  • Leakage or overflow of water, freezing of plumbing or HVAC, and more.
3. Protection for You. Liability coverage provides financial protection in the event of a lawsuit due to a covered event.  Renter’s Insurance covers property damage and bodily injury to others caused by a covered event for which you are responsible.  For example, you host a party one night and someone leaves your apartment and hits someone in their car, renter’s insurance can help cover damages.

4. Reasonable Cost. In many cases, renters insurance is a real bargain considering the coverage. Policies may be as low as $110!

We will make it easy to protect your rented home and your possessions today!!

Get Insurance Smart with CCW: Coverages to Consider

Flood Insurance

You never know what Mother Nature will bring, and flood insurance protects you in the case of the unexpected. Only Flood Insurance covers damages caused by flooding. But don’t wait, there is a 30 day waiting period of flood insurance to go into effect. No matter where your property is located, flood insurance is a safe bet.

Auto Insurance

We are here to offer you the freedom of choice you deserve when it comes to auto insurance. Let us do the shopping for you so you don’t have to. Just hit the open road without worry!

Life Insurance

You are never too young or too old to consider Life Insurance. We have experts that know how to navigate all aspects and will help you choice what is best for you and your family.