Praise for CCW’s Clients Helping Clients Network

Praise for CCW’s Clients Helping Clients Network

Plymouth Rock's Agents of Assurance: Connelly-Campion-Wright is proud of Clients Helping Clients

Laura C June 13, 2013 0

Agents of Assurance: Connelly-Campion-Wright is proud of Clients Helping Clients

Agents of Assurance focuses on Plymouth Rock Assurance  Independent Agent Partners and their efforts to help improve their local communities.

Published on June 13, 2013 on Plymouth Rock Assurance Blog -  Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast on October 29, 2012, causing unprecedented destruction across New York and New Jersey. Streets were flooded, homes were destroyed, and millions of people were without power. Eight months later, the damage caused by the ‘Superstorm’ is still evident along much of the Jersey Shore and its nearby communities With their agency storefront located just blocks from the hard-hit Belmar beach, Connelly-Campion-Wright, a Plymouth Rock independent agent partner, felt an immediate sense of urgency to help their neighbors, friends, clients, and community rebuild. Days after the storm, the agency launched a ‘Clients Helping Clients’ program to connect their network of trusted contractors with their customers in need of service. According to Ms. Kacy Campion Renna,  Agency Principal, “We wanted to make those connections to eliminate the stress involved in finding a reputable contractor after dealing with such tragedy.”

The ClieSandy- SRHS hallwaynts Helping Clients network currently has over 30 contractors specializing in construction, carpentry, restoration, data restoration, landscaping, tree removal, real estate appraisal, dumpsters and debris removal, heating, cooling, and electrical repairs.  Ms. Renna says, “Bringing trusted contractors to help was necessary. Too often, you hear horror stories of unscrupulous contractors and unfortunately, natural disasters bring these sorts out in droves. We wanted to offer a small peace of mind to our clients during an unsettling time.”

The network continues to be a great resource for their clients, and Connelly-Campion-Wright consistently receives positive feedback for making it available. As one customer said, “The network provided a sense of relief by giving me confidence that I can trust my contractor to help me begin the rebuilding and restoring process."

Sandy E streetMoving forward, Connelly-Campion-Wright hopes to continue connecting those in need of a service with trusted service providers. Ms. Renna believes that keeping the network available is necessary, “We get to know our clients, and being able to offer valuable services is part of what we do.”

If you are a Connelly-Campion-Wright contractor who would like to become part of the Clients Helping Clients list and help out the community, please email your contact info to

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