NJ Shore Coastal Insurance for Beach Homes & Businesses!

NJ Shore Coastal Insurance for Beach Homes & Businesses!

  • Are you searching for the best insurance for your New Jersey Shore Coastal home?
  • Looking to find insurance coverage for your secondary home or beach house at the Jersey Shore?
  • Wanting to get the best insurance coverage for your beach rental or business located at the NJ Coast?
  • Is your current insurance company refusing to provide you with insurance for your Jersey Shore beach house or are they renewing it just at a ridiculous price?
  • Are you a producer looking for better options for coastal insurance for your clients ? Click here to learn about our Coastal Insurance Producers Program.


If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Getting the best insurance for your New Jersey Shore coastal property is what we do.

At CCW Insurance, we’ve helped our fellow NJ shore beach loving clients protect their coastal homes and businesses since 1926.

We are proud to be New Jersey shore coastal insurance advisors, and have spent years developing relationships with the best insurance companies so we can offer you the best programs and pricing.

5 Reasons why NJ Shore Coastal Insurance is tricky!

1. Because we are vulnerable to storms hitting our coast, there are constant changes in the NJ Coastal Insurance marketplace.

2. Insurance companies “come and go” – some stay for only a short time, some stay longer but offer limited coverage or increase their pricing over the years to help them manage the exposures.

3. While there may be many types of coastal insurance policies, some are riddled with coverage “holes” which you may not realize until it’s too late – at the time of a claim.

4. Deductibles are rising! Many NJ coastal insurance policies require high wind deductibles. Some companies define "coastal" as much as 10 miles from the beach!

5. We can help navigate the various types of Jersey shore coastal insurance products and pricing to make sure have what you really need.

Let us get to work for you today! It's easy to get started: email or fax us a copy of your current policy.

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Get in touch. We'll help you find the right New Jersey coastal insurance policy that keeps you protected at the beach!