Why You Should Know the Benefits of Health Insurance

Why You Should Know the Benefits of Health Insurance

benefits of health insuranceMany people are only now getting health insurance due to the new healthcare laws. However, many people neglected to get health insurance prior to when those laws went into affect. They assume that because they have always been healthy that health insurance wasn’t necessary — this is simply not true. The following are some of the benefits of health insurance that you should know about:

  • No penalty: If you pay for health insurance, you won’t be subject to a tax of $95 per adult or one percent of your annual income — whichever is greater.
  • Less financial risk: Just because you are healthy does not mean that you won’t get sick sometime in the future. In fact, you could be in an accident that could result in some substantial medical bills – you never know. If this were to happen, you could face financial ruin without the assistance of health insurance.
  • Access to preventive care: Without healthcare insurance, you won’t have access to preventive care. If you’re not sick now, you certainly want to make sure you won’t get sick in the future.
  • Follow up care: Even if you don’t have healthcare insurance, you have to be let into the hospital if you have a serious injury. However, getting follow up care may be more difficult without healthcare insurance.

These are some of the benefits of health insurance. Make sure that you have the healthcare coverage you need by contacting us at CCW Insurance today.

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