Why You Should be Insured for a Sewer Backup

Why You Should be Insured for a Sewer Backup

sewer backup insuranceDid you know that the amount of sewer backups that occur have increased around 3 percent every year? Sewer backups happen when overworked, damaged or clogged sewers send raw sewage back up through your drains. This not only causes water damage but can be a serious health hazard as well. To avoid having to pay to fix this potentially expensive damage, you should be sure to purchase sewer backup insurance.

You would think that the flood damage caused by a sewer backup would be covered by commercial property insurance. However, most standard policies do not cover water damage, including any water or water-borne material that has backed up through your drains or sewers. Sewer backup insurance will help cover the costs of any physical losses caused by water or water-borne material that backed up through your drains or sewer, as well as those that overflowed from a sump pump.

In addition to purchasing sewer backup insurance, you should also take preventative measures. The following are a few things you should do to avoid a sewer backup:

  • Avoid dumping grease down your drains. Grease will harden in your plumbing and cause clogs over time.
  • Avoid flushing all types of paper except for toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to deteriorate quickly, but other papers aren't, such as paper towels.
  • Install a backwater prevention valve in your main drain to only allow one-way flow.

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