Insurance Changes You Should Be Aware of After Tying the Knot

Insurance Changes You Should Be Aware of After Tying the Knot

Getting married, as joyous an occasion as it might be, takes a lot of planning and preparation. It can even get quite stressful. However, in addition to the actual wedding plans, you’ll want to sit down and figure out how your insurance is going to be affected by your marriage.


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If you're about to tie the knot, the following are some insurance changes after marriage you should be aware of:

  • Car insurance – You may actually get a discount on your car insurance by getting married. If you both own vehicles, you’ll probably want to bring them under the same insurance company. Compare the terms to see which benefit you most.
  • Home insurance – If you are merging two households into one, you may want to consider the added value of one person’s possessions. Most policies have a limit to how much coverage you have on your possessions, which may mean that you’ll need to get an endorsement to cover higher value items. You’ll most likely want to do a home inventory combining all of your possessions.
  • Life insurance – Although it’s most likely the last thing you want to think about, your lifestyle is going to depend on the income you or your partner are generating. If something happens to one of you, you’ll want to ensure the surviving spouse is financially taken care of.

These are a few insurance changes after marriage to keep in mind. For more information about how marriage can affect your insurance, be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance today.