Hurricane Sandy Victims: Beware the Rumor Mill

Hurricane Sandy Victims: Beware the Rumor Mill

Hurricane Sandy affected many homes and businesses in Belmar leaving many residents with homes that need major repairs. As the town begins rebuilding it’s unfortunate that unscrupulous contractors are trying to take advantage of homeowners. Here is a look at some of the untrue rumors they are trying to spread.

Some contractors may come to you claiming they are city assessment contractors. They may say that they are inspecting houses under the NYC Rapid Repairs and STEP program. Then, they will demand payment for contracting services immediately saying FEMA will reimburse you for the assessment and even offer guaranteed cash payments of $10,000 for repairs.

However, in an article on Hurricane Sandy: Rumor Control, FEMA states these rumors are false. STEP and NYC Rapid Repairs offer services free of charge and will never demand payments upfront or guarantee money to homeowners. Furthermore, FEMA states it’s important that assessment contractors must provide accurate identification before inspecting your house. Therefore, if a contractor approaches you and wants to assess your home, but cannot provide identification, it is best to send them away.

If you are looking for a list of reputable contractors in your area, be sure to check out our Clients Helping Clients page. It is a listing of reputable contractors in a wide variety of fields including carpentry restoration, flooring, roofing and furniture restoration. By using companies from our list, you can have peace of mind in knowing your home restoration is done by a reputable company.

In tough circumstances like these, it’s unfortunate that many will try to take advantage of homeowners. However, by arming yourself with the information found on FEMA’s Hurricane Sandy rumor control article and using the our referrals, you can protect yourself against fraud. 

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