How to Stay Safe When Taking a Spring Road Trip

How to Stay Safe When Taking a Spring Road Trip

Winter is finally at an end, which means we can all enjoy the beautiful spring weather. In fact, now is the perfect time to go on a spring road trip!

cleaning windshield


If you decide to go on a spring vacation, be sure to keep the following road trip safety tips in mind:

  • Keep your windshield clean - Make sure that you clean all the dirt and grime off your windshield before going on your trip. Dirt and grime make it more difficult to see out of the windshield and can intensify glare. Be sure to keep your wiper blades clean as well since dirty wipers can streak or smear more dirt onto your windshield.
  • Keep your tires inflated - The tire pressure is very important to the car’s safety. Properly inflated tires will also make improve the car’s gas mileage, helping you to save some money! Check your manual for the right tire pressure and check your tires for wear and tear every month.
  • Check the brakes - You should have your car’s brakes checked every 6,000 miles. You should also have them looked at if you hear any strange screeching or grinding sounds, notice that the brake pedal feel loose or if the steering wheel vibrates when applying the brakes.

These are a few important road trip safety tips that you should keep in mind if you are going on a vacation this spring. Be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance today for more driving and car safety tips.