How to Read an Insurance Policy

How to Read an Insurance Policy

Reading Insurance PolicyPurchasing insurance may seem like a daunting task. There are dozens of different types of policies to choose from, with variations of each policy. Make sure you always read through the entire policy so that you know exactly what is covered; after all, you should know what you’re paying for!

First, be sure to carefully read the declarations page. This page summarizes your entire policy, which includes listing all the names of the insured, the amount of coverage, the effective dates of the policy and the deductibles as well as the endorsements; which are any supplemental coverages that are included in your policy. If something seems inaccurate or misleading, contact us right away. 

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Once you’ve read the declarations page, make sure you know who is insured. For example, make sure all the drivers in your home are on your auto insurance policy. Also, some insurance policies only list the name of one spouse even if it covers both spouses. Then read over the insuring agreement, which lists exactly what is covered. There are often multiple components for every type of policy. Make sure you take note of any exclusions as well so you know what isn’t covered.

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