How to Pick the Perfect Moving Insurance Coverage

How to Pick the Perfect Moving Insurance Coverage

Moving can be very stressful, which means the last thing you want is for that stress to be compounded by having something happen to your belongings during the trip to your new home. At the very least, you should get moving insurance so that you will be financially protected in case something unfortunate does happen to your things. The following are a few tips on how to find the best moving insurance coverage:

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  • Your homeowners insurance policy will typically cover any personal property in transit or in storage facilities based on an actual cash value. You can also purchase optional special perils content coverage, which will cover breakage for everything except items that are incredibly fragile, which will require a Fine Arts floater.
  • A transit policy will provide the same coverage as your homeowners insurance. It will not cover damage or breakage caused by the moving company. It also does not include flooding at a storage facility.
  • If you are shipping a vehicle, make sure that you speak to your insurer to find out if your car insurance will provide coverage in case anything happens to it while it is being shipped. Also make sure the company you use for shipping has an insurance certificate.
  • If you are renting a truck yourself, consider getting optional collision damage waiver coverage from the rental company.

Keep these things in mind when moving, and be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance for more on how to find the best moving insurance coverage.