Holiday Guests and Homeowners Insurance: Are You Covered?

Holiday Guests and Homeowners Insurance: Are You Covered?

holiday party table- holiday homeowners insuranceFall 2012- The holidays are rapidly approaching, and if you are particularly organized, you may already be making preparations for your holiday guests and gatherings. In between the shopping, menu-planning, and last minute home improvements, be sure to take a moment and review your homeowners insurance!

Did you know that you can actually be found liable if one of your holiday party guests gets into trouble? If not, you need to read this holiday liability insurance article immediately. As a host, your responsibilities go well beyond stocking the eggnog and cookies. Without the proper homeowners insurance, you could face legal action if one of your guests:

  • Gets into an accident while driving under the influence.


  • Damages property.


  • Falls on your steps or in your yard.


  • Gets food poisoning from the catering you provided.

In order to protect yourself, review your homeowners insurance policy and determine if party-related claims are covered, especially if you plan to serve alcohol. Some homeowners policies exclude incidents related to alcohol, so it's very important to at least know where you stand.

If you discover that you are not adequately insured in case of a party-related incident, it may be wise for you to purchase an umbrella liability policy. These policies further shield the insured against a variety of risks and litigation, including accidents caused or experienced by your party guests. If you get sued, the umbrella policy will pick up the slack after the dollar limit of the homeowners policy reimbursement is maxed out.

Navigating the many types and levels of insurance and finding the best ones for your home is a challenge. To speak with a New Jersey independent insurance agent who can help you find the right plan, price, and coverage, call us at 732-280-2800 or visit Connelly- Campion- Wright Insurance.