Helpful Water Sport Safety Tips

Helpful Water Sport Safety Tips

water sport safetyYour water boat and medical insurance policies are there in case you need them, but we're hoping it's protection you'll never have to use. Accidents and/or injuries are the last thing anyone wants when trying to make the most of the summer. Observing these water sport safety tips will minimize the risks to you and your family.

Helpful Water Sport Safety Tips for A Safe and Enjoyable Summer

  1. Practice those strokes. Approximately 10 people drown every day. If you're going to be playing in the water this summer, make sure you know how to swim. Ocean, lake and river currents can be surprisingly strong. Consider taking a refresher swim class or sign up for a water safety course with the whole family.
  2. Wear your life jacket. Always wear a life jacket when you are on open water. It doesn't matter how good of a swimmer you are. If you were to be hit on the head or slip overboard the wrong way, your life jacket could save your life.
  3. Know the rules. Whether you're operating a motorized boat or paddling a smaller craft, you need to know the rules and observe rights of passage, especially in busy waterways. Motorized boats should always be on the lookout for paddlers in smaller, quieter crafts and paddlers should wear bright clothing and/or reflective gear. Never assume the other person sees you - drive or paddle defensively.

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