Helpful Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Helpful Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween safety tipsHalloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for kids. Since much of the trick-or-treating and holiday parties take place after dark, CCW Insurance would like to provide you and your family with some helpful Halloween safety tips, courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Prioritize Halloween Safety for Kids with These Simple Tips

  • Be visible. Make sure your children's costumes are highly visible, even when the sun goes down. Lightly colored costumes are optimal. If your child has a dark costume, apply some reflective material in visible locations. Kids may also want to carry trick-or-treat buckets with built-in lights and/or use flashlights.
  • Prevent tripping hazards. Verify that your children can walk, run and jump while wearing their costumes and that capes, dresses or other material doesn't hang below their ankles.
  • Provide an escort. If possible, go with your children when they're trick-or-treating and carry flashlights to help light the way. If you have older children, plan the route and have them check-in every so often via phone. Agree on a curfew as well.
  • Use well-lit trick-or-treat routes. Pedestrian injuries are the common accidents reported on Halloween night. Make sure your children understand the risks. Use well-lit routes that are publicly recognized as popular trick-or-treating areas so drivers are more likely to be aware.
  • Visit homes with porch lights on. Children should only approach homes with lit porch lights and should never take candy offered from a car.

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