A Guide to Buying Car Insurance

A Guide to Buying Car Insurance

If you drive a car, then you have to buy car insurance. It’s not an option; it’s the law. However, the type of car insurance you buy is up to you. You don’t have to purchase every coverage option available. This can become tricky if it’s your first time buying car insurance. The following are a few things that you should know about purchasing car insurance:

Car insurance rates

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  • Car insurance rate comparison. Always compare car insurance rates. They're never going to be the same and they vary from company to company. This is a great reason to choose an Independent Insurance Agent , like CCW Insurance, who can do the comparing for you.
  • Factors involved with car insurance rates. Keep in mind that there are a number of factors that influence your premium.  This includes how much driving experience you have, the make and model of your car, the safety features of your car, where you park your car, your driving record, and more. You’ll usually be able to lower your monthly premium, but that often results in a raise in your deductible, which is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance will cover anything.

For additional information about car insurance, contact CCW Insurance, an Independent Insurance agent, today. Having CCW by your side to give advice and guide you through all the different types of coverage provides optimum value with no headaches.

Basic car insurance coverage that is required by law in most states includes bodily injury liability for at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident as well as $100,000 for property damage. You may want to consider supplemental coverage such as comprehensive and collision coverage, which will cover you financially if your car is damaged or lost as a result of theft, weather, vandalism and other non-accident related events.