Four Snow Blower Safety Tips to Practice this Winter Season

Four Snow Blower Safety Tips to Practice this Winter Season

snow blower safety tipsWe’re in the midst of the winter season, which means that you've probably already seen some snow. Shoveling away that freshly fallen snow can be a real pain, which is why a lot of people choose to purchase a snow blower. While a snow blower can be incredibly convenient, you have to keep safety in mind when using it.

The following are four snow blower safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Read the manual – Don’t make the mistake of using your snow blower without reading the instructions. Not knowing how a piece of equipment works is a sure way to hurt yourself.
  • Watch your hands – When operating a snow blower, make sure you keep your hands away from its moving parts. When you turn the snow blower off, make sure to wait until all of its moving parts stop. Don’t use your hands to remove snow that has clogged the snow blower.
  • Don’t leave it unattended – Never leave a snow blower sitting around unattended unless it is off. The engine and muffler can get very hot while it is running – you don’t want someone coming along and burning themselves.
  • Remove objects from ground – Before using the snow blower, make sure there aren't rocks in your path. Some snow blowers can propel those rocks at a great velocity.

These are four snow blower safety tips that you should keep in mind. Be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance for additional winter safety tips.

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