Flood Remediation After Hurricane Sandy: Mold

Flood Remediation After Hurricane Sandy: Mold

flood remediation after Hurricane Sandy floodingFall 2012- As we mentioned in our previous post about what to do after a hurricane, you should begin flood remediation as soon as possible- after extensively documenting the damage caused by the storm. Once you have adequately documented the damage to your home or business, it's time to take steps to prevent further damage and make your environment safer.

Here in Belmar and throughout the Jersey Shore, massive flooding damaged homes and businesses, leaving standing water for days on end. With so much water damage, mold is an important concern. If your home or business has sustained storm damage from Hurricane Sandy, take a look at this great article- How to Combat Mold in a Flooded House.

If your home has been flooded, the first thing to do is contact a professional to help you assess the damage. The surfaces of your home may feel dry to the touch, but behind walls and under flooring there could be harmful mold growing. The CDC advises homeowners to choose a flood remediation professional who is a member of either the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) or the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR).

Whether you are awaiting an insurance adjuster to examine damage or going ahead and hiring someone to fix the flood damage, you can and should:


  • Get the water out using a mop, sump pump, wet vacuum, whatever it takes.


  • Keep the water out. Make any necessary repairs to keep the rain out, even if that means covering windows with plastic sheeting.


  • Remove anything that was contaminated by flood water.


  • Move items away from the walls.


  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry the space as much as possible.


Keep all receipts for tools, services, etc. when rebuilding and repairing your home or business after a natural disaster. If your coastal homeowners insurance included flood coverage, you may be able to be reimbursed for flood-related expenditures; if not, you may still be able to receive financial assistance through FEMA. As always, if you need assistance with your coastal New Jersey insurance policies, don't hesitate to contact Connelly-Campion-Wright Insurance at ccw@ccwinsurance.com.

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