Flood Insurance

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Everyone lives in a flood zone. Flooding is the #1 natural disaster in the country.

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The Cost of Flooding

Flooding can be an emotionally and financially devastating event.  Without flood insurance, most residents have to pay out of pocket or take out loans to repair and replace damaged items.  With flood insurance, you're able to recover faster and more fully.  Click here to use the tool to see how much flood damage—even from just a few inches of water—could cost you.  

You never know what Mother Nature will bring, and flood insurance protects you in the case of the unexpected. Underwritten by the federal government through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program), flood insurance is administered by numerous insurance companies. At CCW, we only partner with the most responsive carriers - the ones that will be there to help if you need to make a claim. Homeowners insurance does NOT cover damage due to floods.

Selective Flood Quote it Now imageMany people don't know that flood insurance is available to everyone. It's also extremely affordable if you're in a "non-high-risk" area.

Every flood policy comes with a Flood Claims Handbook. It has very helpful information on how to file a claim. It’s important to read it BEFORE you have a flood. Click here to get your Flood Claims Handbook.

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