Extra Insurance for College Students

Extra Insurance for College Students

Extra Insurance for College Students

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Health insurance can get a little bit tricky, especially for college students. While they can still be covered under their parents’ health insurance plans, there will still be a number of things that won’t be covered. However, there are a few extra health insurance coverage options that you may want to consider for your college kids.

Numerous universities in the country offers some type of health insurance for its students, either through a national carrier or through some kind of self-insured system. This is known as campus health insurance. While you can waive this extra insurance if you don’t need it, many families have location specific insurance plans, which means a campus health insurance policy is a great way to provide their college kids with coverage until they graduate.

Campus health insurance tends to be paid in two payments: one in the beginning of the first semester and the second in the beginning of the second semester. The costs of such a plan tends to vary depending on the university.  For example, private schools may charge more for campus health insurance than public universities.

If your health insurance policy is location specific, then you should look into a campus health insurance option for any of your kids that are going out of state for school.

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