Why EPLI Insurance?

Why EPLI Insurance?

If you own or operate a business of any size, then you should be aware that purchasing insurance for your company is an absolute must. There is just too much at stake financially to not even consider insurance. However, there are a number of different policies, all of which you should consider. One such policy is the EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance.)

Throughout the years a number of laws have been put into place to help protect employees from potential discrimination. These laws include the Equal Pay Act, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, The American with Disabilities Act, The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and more. All these laws are meant to level the playing field in terms of finding employment based on skill and experience instead of race, gender, sexual orientation or age. However, this doesn’t mean that companies don’t break these laws.

EPLI insurance will help to cover any lawsuits that arise from discrimination claims, wrongful termination claims, whistle blower claims, sexual harassment claims and more. All it takes is for one employee to break one of these laws, and you’ll want to protect the entire business from being run down because of it. Not to mention that there are individuals who will make false claims in court as well, whether they believe them or not. 

If you own or operate a business, then you should strongly consider purchasing an EPLI insurance policy to help protect you against any litigation. Contact us at CCW Insurance for additional information.