Why N.J. Residents Need Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Why N.J. Residents Need Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

There are numerous auto insurance regulations in New Jersey that you should be familiar with if you own and operate a vehicle. One of these auto insurance regulations is that residents of New Jersey are required to show proof of auto insurance. This can now be done via electronic devices.

New Jersey Auto Insurance

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The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, recently signed into law a regulation that required motor vehicle operators to either display their auto insurance proof in a physical format, such as the actual paper insurance card that insurance carriers provide, or in an electronic format, which is the proof of insurance provided by insurance carriers that can be displayed in an electronic form, such as on a tablet or a smartphone.

An important side note in the regulation lets residents know that even though police officers may ask for proof of auto insurance by providing them with a smartphone or tablet, it does not give them consent to access any other content on that device.

This new regulation has numerous benefits. It meets the demands of New Jersey residents for greater electronic communications and interactions, and it is a more environmentally-friendly option than using physical paper auto insurance proof. New Jersey joins 37 other states in the country that allow drivers to present proof of auto insurance via an electronic device.

New auto insurance regulations in New Jersey allow drivers to show electronic proof of auto insurance. For more auto insurance information, be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance.