Dave Ramsey ELP

You’ve Found your ELP!

Dave Ramsey is a financial expert seen on Fox News and Fox Business Networks. He is the host of the Dave Ramsey Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, author of several NY Times best selling books, including, Entreleadership, The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace, and he is counselor to millions of Americans regarding personal financial freedom. Dave has also spearheaded the The Great Recovery.

CCW Insurance is proud to be selected as a exclusive Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Dave Ramsey.  You have have a dedicted professional who is a graduate of Dave's Financial Peace University -- this means that we understands Dave's Baby Steps and can help you move through them so you can reach your Financial Peace!

So What is an ELP anyway?

ELP's earn Dave's endorsement, we don't buy it! Dave Ramsey holds us to a high standard of excellent service, personal experience and the heart of a teacher. We provide top-notch service and we stand by that committment. In fact, we get graded on it! As an Insurance ELP we are graded monthly on our job...and we score top ranks!!


Why Choose CCW Insurance?

Purchasing insurance is not easy. Insurance is a contract and contracts include complicated legal language. Making a quick "online" purchase, may seem to be saving you money, but at the time of a claim, can be very costly!

You deserve the time and counseling that will help you make the best decision for you and your insurance budget.  Get proper counseling before you choose your coverages! Talk to our insurance professionals at Connelly-Campion-Wright Insurance. They've been helping clients like you for over 90 years. . . they'll help you decide:

  • Do you have enough insurance - or even have too much.                                                                                                       
  • Do you have any serious gaps in your coverage?
  • Are you receiving all of the discounts you deserve?

As a New Jersey independent agency, Connelly-Campion-Wright Insurance is dedicated to you & your family and is committed to treating you like a person, not a policy. We are committed to giving you our time, our experience and our trusted advice to help you protect your family and your business.

What new clients are saying about CCW

"Our ELP was competent, passionate, and responsive. Couldn't be happier with the level of service. Plus I will be saving money once the policies are in place!"
-a happy Dave Ramsey fan and new CCW client

"That's even more AWESOME news about our lower premium! Thanks again for all of your help & assistance in this situation."
- Dave & Kim, new ELP clients. Moved to CCW from Geico

"We appreciate your professionalism and fully understand why Dave Ramsey endorses your agency."
-Allan B., another happy ELP client

"Not only were they helpful & knowledgeable, they saved us over $900 year!
- a satisfied new ELP client

So buy your New Jersey insurance where Dave Ramsey fans do! Why wait? Reach out to us today: ccw@ccwinsurance.com