How can I Determine My Car Insurance Policy Price?

How can I Determine My Car Insurance Policy Price?

determining your car insurance policy priceIf you plan on buying a car, then you’ll need to purchase car insurance. This isn’t an option – it’s a law. This means that when you're determining your budget, you should keep in mind your car insurance rates.

The following are a few tips for determining your car insurance policy price:

  • Driving record – The better your driving record is, the less your premium will cost. Any accidents or serious violations will bump your premiums up. Keep in mind that if you haven’t been driving for long, your premiums may become a little more costly.
  • Car use – The more you drive, the more at risk you are for an accident. If you only use your car sporadically, your premiums won’t be as expensive. Insurers refer to this as “pleasure use.”
  • Parking spot – Believe it or not, where you park your car affects your premium. If you live in an area that is known for high rates of theft or vandalism, it could end up affecting your premium negatively. If you own a garage, parking inside can help lower your premium.
  • Age – The older you are, the more driving experience you will have gained. This means you’re less of a risk than less experienced drivers, thereby helping lower your premiums.

These are just a few of the things that can affect your car insurance policy price. For more advice on determining your car insurance policy price, be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance today.

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