Business Insurance: Liability Coverages

Cover All Your Bases with Business Liability Insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Business Liability provides coverage for liability issues resulting from property damage or personal injury, including medical expenses. When your bases are covered, you're better positioned to grow your business. That's what general and professional liability coverage is all about. You can't always predict what will happen day by day, but with the right liability protection, you can safeguard your business from the unexpected should a legal situation ever arise. Let us customize a policy for you that may include -

Protection for your business property from:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
Protect your business from claims due to:
  • Bodily Injury
  • Negligence
  • Property Damage

CCW Insurance is your Independent, Professional agent and we can help protect your business.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance from CNBC.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers the biggest problem areas of the law today - sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. It also covers broad judgments, back pay, appeals, bonds, pre-judgment interest, class action suits, and administrative changes.

The coverage begins with an allegation, therefore attorneys and specialists get involved before it becomes a full blown lawsuit. The policy also covers the entity, directors/officers, employees and former employees.

Many companies spend sizable sums hiring lawyers and human resource specialists to audit their businesses and get their businesses in order. They will be the first to tell you that no one is "bullet-proof." Even the most frivolous of suits involve expensive defense costs. It is not unusual for these costs to reach the high six figures. Having your business audited will not protect you from allegations or a lawsuit, but it will aid in your defense should a lawsuit arise. And remember, in most cases, a General Liability Policy specifically excludes employment practices coverage. An EPLI Policy is a vital part of your insurance protection portfolio.

  • Wrongful termination, harassment, or discrimination claims from employees
  • Other claims or legal situations

It’s EASY to get an EPLI with CCW Insurance!
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Get Insurance Smart with CCW: Coverages to Consider

Business Auto Insurance

Whether you spend your days on the road or in your office, your business automobiles are a core component of your business, allowing you to get from here to there - wherever your business takes you. CCW Insurance can help you keep your vehicle safe and sound.

Commercial Flood Insurance

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters, especially in the spring. Winter run off, heavy rains and water backup from overloaded drainage systems can cause thousands of dollars in damages to businesses. Let us help you to protect the business you have worked so hard to build. No matter where your property is located, flood insurance is a safe bet.

Cyber Liability

The Internet has spun a whole new 'web' of liability exposures. Cyber Liability coverage offers protection due to unauthorized access of electronic data or software within your network, computer theft and many other areas. Talk to one of our highly trained Business insurance specialists today.