Business Insurance: Liability Coverage for the Holidays

Business Insurance: Liability Coverage for the Holidays

Fall 2012- The holiday season is an exciting, positive time of year, but don't let all that holiday cheer distract you from taking the necessary precautions with your business. Business Insurance offers some helpful advice to keep in mind for your business as you make your way through this holiday season:


  • If the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for your business, maximize both sales and profits by ensuring that you have appropriate security measures in place.  This is also the busiest time of the year for criminals, and it's important to protect your business from the Scrooges!


  • Go the extra mile to prevent potential injuries at your place of business, keeping in mind that the holiday season often brings along a wintery mix of snow and ice. Business liability insurance is important because it will protect you in case of litigation if a customer is injured at your business.


  • If you offer your customers the option to purchase goods online, beef up security on your website.  With the amount of hackers increasing these days, your website could be a potential target for identity and credit card theft. Cyber insurance is becoming more and more important as the business world moves in a more digital direction.


Allow business liability coverage to help ease your mind this holiday season.  Connelly-Campion-Wright Insurance has been protecting local businesses since 1926, so contact us today at 732.280.2800 or


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