Business Insurance: Builder’s Risk & Contractor’s Equipment

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Plan a Safe Project

Even with the best planning, accidents sometimes happen over the course of a project. By nature, construction presents greater than normal property risks, and we can help you find great coverage to keep both your building and equipment protected.

A form of property insurance, builder's-risk insurance covers everything from theft and vandalism to accidental property damage. Similarly, equipment coverage insures your invaluable tools and machinery, which aren't normally protected under a builder's risk policy.

Get the Municipal Seal of Approval

When your commercial or residential construction project requires updates to municipal property – including curbs, sewer lines, public lighting, and beyond – subdivision bonds cover the cost. Required by city and county governments, they’re designed to guarantee that mandatory public improvement work is completed.

CCW works with dozens of top-rated insurance companies, positioning us to provide the best possible service. More importantly, we hand-pick bond options to keep your construction project on track.

Contact a CCW Insurance Advisor today. We'll bring your project safely to completion with great coverage options from top insurance companies.