5 Ways to Protect you Valentine’s Day Jewelry

5 Ways to Protect you Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Valentine’s Day jewelry protection tips

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means you may be thinking about purchasing a beautiful new piece of jewelry for your significant other. However, such a large investment can be risky without protection, which is why you should consider purchasing jewelry insurance in case it is stolen or damaged.

The following are five Valentine’s Day jewelry protection tips to help ensure that you don’t have to file an insurance claim:

  • Keep your jewelry safe – Don’t keep it in a jewelry box on top of the dresser or in the dresser drawers. If a thief breaks into your home, these will be the first places that they will look. Keep your jewelry in a safe somewhere in the home that’s not easily accessible.
  • Don’t put jewelry in your pockets – You’ll risk losing your jewelry or accidentally running it through the wash.
  • Keep the jewelry away from sinks – Never place your jewelry on the counter beside a sink when washing your hands or doing dishes; this increases the risk of losing it down the drain.
  • Have your jewelry inspected – Regular inspections can help spot damages and prevent worse damages from occurring.
  • Have your jewelry appraised – You’ll want to know the value of your jewelry in case anything happens to it and you need to file a claim.

Keep these Valentine’s Day jewelry protection tips in mind and be sure to contact us at CCW Insurance for additional information about jewelry insurance or insurance in general.